Forward into the open - Mariastein 2025

In order to enable us to worship God and to receive guests in future, we are carrying out further development work on the monastery and pilgrimage site.
A key consideration is the need to maintain the religious character of Mariastein. By 2025 we intend to reorganise the most important areas and set up operations for the future.

  • Core focus areas
  • Monastic community: monastic living concept
  • Pilgrimage: being on the road
  • Infrastructure and buildings: reconfiguration and repurposing
  • Library, archive and cultural heritage: maintain existing properties and create access
  • Activities: establish cooperative relationships
  • Promote culture and education

Renewel of the Market Place. Project from the Atelier Ehrenklau Hemmerling.
The jury, chaired by Bernhard Mäusli, former cantonal architect of Solothurn, recommends the project "Maria im Stein - Der Klosterplatz als Gastgeber" ("Mary in Stone - The Convent Square as a Place of Welcome") by the Zurich studio Ehrenklau Hemmerling (in collaboration with the landscape architect Ludivine Gragy) for the construction.

Abbot Peter von Sury, the organiser of the competition, said: "From now on, our convent square will become what it should be: a place to meet, to gather and to walk towards the sanctuary.

The stone, referring to the Chapel of Grace in the Mariastein rock, plays an important role in the exterior design. The foundation stone will be laid when the financing is secured, which requires the support of public authorities, organisations and individuals, among others.

Mariastein 2025
Mariano Tschuor
Klosterplatz 2
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