Baptism - Wedding - Funeral services


Couples who want to be married according to the Roman Catholic rite have the church and the chapels at their disposal. They are asked to register their marriage in their home parish and also to take their priest with them. 


We are glad that you want to have your child baptized in the Catholic Church. But unfortunately we must make you aware that Mariastein is a pilgrimage church and not a parish church. That's why baptisms are not possible here. We do not have a baptismal font in our church.

Baptism always means incorporation into the religious community of your place of residence. There your child will receive religious education, make first communion and attend the services with the family. Therefore, contact the pastor of your place of residence. He will certainly be happy to receive your child through baptism into the fellowship of the Church.

But you are very welcome to come to Mariastein with your child to have it blessed and put under the protection of Our Lady Mary.

Funeral services

Unfortunately, no Funeral services are possible. For Funeral services contact your parish.

Other celebrations

Church and chapels are available for worship as part of a family celebration.

Email for more information