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Since 1923 the Benedictine monks of Mariastein publish this publication in German with interesting contributions about theology and faith, liturgy and liturgical year, history and present time of the monastery, pilgrimages and the Shrine. The publication Mariastein, published six times per year, also provides information on liturgical services, events in Mariastein and new books.

The members of the association “Friends of the Monastery Mariastein” receive the magazine Mariastein for free.

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Mariastein special issue

  • Stille (Silence)
  • 50 Jahre Zweites Vatikanisches Konzil und Heiliger Benedikt (50 Years Second Vatican Council and Saint Benedict
  • 50 Jahre Patron Europas (50 Years Patron saint of Europe)
  • 70. Geburtstag Abt Peter von Sury

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Other Publications and Information about Mariastein

Slide show

„Mariastein – Wallfahrtsort und Kloster“ (DVD 2012) (Mariastein – Shrine and Monastery, in German only)

Picture book

„Mariastein – Gnadenort und Benediktinerkloster“ , 2010, (132 S.) (Mariastein – Place of Graces and Benedictine Monastery, in German only)

Ludwig Ziegerer

„Mariasteiner Pilgerbuch“, (mit Gebeten und Liedern) 1996 (160 S.) (Pilgrim’s book of Mariastein, with prayers and songs, in German only)

Lukas Schenker

„Mariastein“ – Guide through Sanctuary and Monastery, Einsiedeln 2014 (27 S.) (available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Tamil)

Hieronymus Haas

Wallfahrtsgeschichte von Mariastein - Mariastein, 1973 (144 S.) (History of the Pigrimage of Mariastein, in German only)

Up-to-date Information

Up-to-date information about events at the Benedictine Monastery of Mariastein is available at the porter’s desk.