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For almost 50 years, the Association «Friends of the Monastery of Mariastein» supports the monastery and shrine materially and ideologically. It is part of the tradition and of the institution to financially assist the monastery regarding restoration and structural maintenance.

The fortunes of the Association are of course closely linked with those of the monastery. The old age and the decreasing community of Benedictine monks have recently led them to reflect on future structures. In particular, it should be determined what tasks the monastery can still manage in the future. This forces the Association to rethink its structures as well. The main thing is to find out how to increase the available resources. It can be assumed that the friends and benefactors of the monastery should participate to a greater extent in the costs of the shrine and the building projects. With pleasure the Association will like to face the challenges in close cooperation with the monastery.

The spirituality and its great openness to the pilgrims, who visit the Benedictine monastery daily, mark this place of pilgrimage and energy to this day.

The Association gladly welcomes people of all denominations as well as legal entities into its ranks.

Mariastein needs friends

Joining the Association is a beautiful sign of the bond with Our Lady of Mariastein.

The annual fee for individual members is CHF 50.- / € 40.- and a minimum of CHF 100.- / € 80.- for legal entities. Included in the fee is the subscription to the magazine «Mariastein», with which the monks maintain regular contact with the members of the Association and by which they are closely connected with friends, pilgrims and benefactors.

Mary, the Mother of God, provides security and comfort, she gives energy and courage - her unique power is based on the legend of «Mary in the Rock».

In order to pursue its task for the glory of God and the salvation of all human beings, the Association is always dependent on the support of good and benevolent friends, but also on prayer.

Registration via e-mail, info(at)

Abbot Peter von Sury thanks the new members in advance for their kindness and financial support by joining the Association «Friends of the Monastery of Mariastein».


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